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Highly Acclaimed Video Causing a Flood of Hate Mail

Click below to watch the free animated short video that that has created a major controversy across the Web. The video parodies the drug companies and conventional healthcare system and many are furious about the truth being exposed.

Watch the Town of Allopath Online Video Now

NOTE: Make sure you have your speakers on.

Comfort amid Change. Life Balm.com's information is now available here at The NEW herbalinsight

...is for anyone looking for a more natural way to take care of their health. Most of the information available on this site comes from Dr. John R. Christopher's notes and publications. When trying to restore health, we have to accept that it will take time and effort. There are no quick magic bullets. There will be good days and bad days and it will require life changes as you cleanse and nourish so your body can heal itself. It is critical to work with a licensed professional to help devise a total healing plan. Be sure to give your doctor a list of the herbs and supplements you are already taking. Please discuss with him/her alternative ways to help your health. There are no herbal products sold from this site. (as per the FTC, we had to move the herbal products off this site)

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If you have questions feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions as best we can or point you in the right direction for an answer. If you would like to have a Master Herbalist speak in your local community, herbalinsight.net will be glad to put you in touch with a variety of Master Herbalist Graduates who are willing to share this valuable information with the public. Please email us with your request.

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